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PlayStation 3 PSN Blackout Update 2: Hack Me To Pieces

April 27, 2011

It’s been confirmed by a SCEA’s Senior Director of Corporate Communications and our friends at IGN.com, the PlayStation Network has been compromised by unknown hackers targeting PSN users’ names, addresses, birth dates, PSN passwords and possibly even credit card information. Since PSN went offline on Wednesday, April 20, PS3 owners cannot log into the PlayStation Store or even get to play online.

While we are still being kept in the dark by SCEA about those involved and what is being done to restore the network in working order, we do know that Sony is being sued in a class action lawsuit over the failure to protect users identities and other sensitive data that could fall in the wrong hands. We also hear that it is possible that Sony might even offer refunds for those with PlayStation Plus subscribers as well as those who have subscriptions to play DC Universe Online.

This is a troublesome situation, to say the least, and if you feel your identity and credit card information might be in jeopardy it is the suggestion of identity theft experts to do a credit check requesting your free credit report via any of the available services such as Equifax.com, Transunion.com or Experian.com.

On that note, we would like to issue a formal apology to Bill Gates. Bill Gates continues to be the respectable man behind our beloved Xbox 360 and in no way believe he could ever mastermind such a thing against the PlayStation 3. No, we really do mean that.

We would also like to apologize to Charlie Sheen, a true acting prodigy who has fallen victim to Hollywood’s excesses. A man who loves Call of Duty: Black Ops couldn’t be a crazed, sex-addicted torpedo of self-destruction and could never be behind something like this. We apologize, Mister Sheen, and we will hold a movie marathon of your classic films in your honor.

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