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E3 2011 Preview – Metro: Last Light


Moscow is in ruins.

What was once an impressive city with recognizable landmarks is now an empty and shattered shell of its former self as the almost skeletal remains of vehicles are left in the middle of a street as if stuck in eternal traffic and buildings look like they’re about to crumble with the slightest touch. Some things have changed in the Soviet Union since the events seen in the brilliant first game, Metro 2033 but that doesn’t mean that things are better in Metro: Last Light.

As we saw from THQ’s demonstration of Last Light’s in-game action, we are back in the shoes of the first game’s hero, Artyom, and while things on the surface have improved (there are now some blue patches in the sky and much of the ice has finally melted) but the post-apocalyptic Russia has a new set of problems that come in the form of a civil war that involves a dangerous faction with very familiar values. It’s clear that Artyom has his work cut out for him as the savior of his people.

The game has certainly been rebuilt from the ground up and that just doesn’t include the visuals (that are actually quite impressive, by the way) but the gameplay mechanics as well. What we got to see was Artyom entering the sewers to infiltrate the enemy’s underground stronghold that is – naturally – dank, grimy and filled with cobwebs. Artyom even uses his lighter to burn away said cobwebs to scare off the spiders dangling from them.

Stealth is once again an option if you don’t want to alert every enemy in the area to come running and gunning for you and Artyom can quietly dispose of anyone in his way by quickly slitting their throat. Using your silenced pistol, you can take out a pesky light source or, say, shoot a kettle to call the attention of a nearby guard just so you can sneak up behind him and dispose of him.

Of course, you can just go in with guns blazing and the firefight that erupts is exhilarating as enemies go for cover and try to outflank you. The game makes it clear that everything that can be destroyed does as the bullets fly and tear away at cover, various objects in the nearby vicinity. When Artyom picked up a chain gun, the heat from it barrels caused some nearby cardboard boxes to light up on fire.

The demo shifted to a key moment when Artyom and a comrade attempt to assassinate the enemy leader in a room filled with enemies listening to a speech. Moving their way towards the speaker, the brilliant plan goes to hell when those on the platform point them out. Suddenly, an assassination mission turns into a mad dash for survival and Artyom and his companion fight their way to a subway cart with our hero taking gunning duties against pursuing enemy soldiers on the opposite tracks.

Finally, we are revealed a new kind of Dark One that is massive and fast that will surely be a challenge to bring down. From what we seen so far, Metro: Last Light is already looking to be a first-person shooter you do not want to miss.

Metro: Last Light has a release date of 2012 and will be available for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and the Nintendo Wii U.

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