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Monthly Editorial (May 2014) – Watchdogs and the Future is Now

Tis the merry month of May, my friends, and the future of gaming is looking brighter in some spots. Well, brighter than it was not too long ago when gamers were divided over which console smelled better than the other or who ran what at 1080p. With Microsoft finally realizing that things would have gone a lot more smoothly had they listened to the consumer, the Xbox One has a chance now to bring gamers what we deserve … quality Xbox games unique to Microsoft whether its the recently announced Halo sequel or more Gears of War. Oh yeah, you will soon stream Netflix or Hulu without a Gold Xbox Live membership so there’s that as well.

Of course, there is also E3 2014 to look forward to in terms of the numerous titles we can come to expect from both Microsoft and Sony as well as our struggling friends at Nintendo. The surprises will be plentiful, of that I could assure you, my gaming brethren. Already we have heard from our friends at Ubisoft who have already announced such titles as Far Cry 4, Tom Clancy’s The Division, The Crew and Assassin’s Creed Unity just to name a few titles we can expect from them.

Speaking of Ubisoft, this month also finally brings us Watchdogs … a game that we here at Game Revolver have been dying to play for a long time and one that we will be reviewing as soon as it becomes available to us. An open-world game where we can turn Chicago into our own playground is so damn enticing that we will be celebrating this game’s release with a contest. We’ll be announcing this contest soon so keep your eyes peeled.


We are excited about the prospects of this upcoming E3 show and will bring you more news in the coming month. In the meantime, I would like to welcome back our own Valentine del Toro who will be not only reviewing games again but will offer up her funny take on bad gaming with her column Valentina’s Adventures in Bad Gaming. Welcome back, Val, we missed you and your chimichangas.

Happy Gaming!

Eduardo Zacarias

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