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Xbox One Revealed!

Xbox One Reveal

In a press conference today, Microsoft finally unveiled the successor to the Xbox 360 and gave us a big sigh of relief concerning a much talked about and criticized rumor. Much has been said about this new console and we finally got a good look at what Microsoft’s Xbox chief, Don Mattrick, revealed is going to be an impressive entertainment machine that will be slated to go on sale this year. Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce the Xbox One.

First of all, we should kill the rumor that has been circulating the internet for quite some time and it is the rumor that the Xbox One required and “always on” internet connection. Our sources say that the rumor might have been true at some point but – perhaps because of the outcry from loyal Xbox gamers out for blood – this will NOT be the case for Xbox One.

Xbox One Reveal2

“Gamers can calm down; we have you covered.” Mattrick said on Spike TV and made it clear during the Xbox One event.

I would like to have said that the event focuses primarily on the gaming aspect of the Xbox One but that’s certainly not the case (mainly because the real gaming news will be revealed during this year’s E3). For those who care, the Xbox One will support live TV, Skype, Kinect voice and movement control to manipulate the console’s interface screen.

As for the console itself, the Xbox One contains a Blu-ray drive and has 8 GB of RAM and 64-bit architecture. On top of that the console will support WiFi connectivity and sports a USB 3.0 and a fan that will make the noisy Xbox 360 seem like that fat cousin who snores like a bear. The fan, we’re told, is to keep the console from overheating seeing as it is meant to be always on and ready for Xbox One owners to instantly jump right into their entertainment whether it’s watching television, playing a game or checking out the latest YouTube video.

Because of this new architecture, however, the Xbox One DOES NOT support backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 titles, although there were murmurs of the possibility that Xbox 360 will be available at some point via the Xbox Marketplace but it is too early to tell if this rumor will be true. What will be making its move from your Xbox 360 to the Xbox One are your achievements, avatar and Gamer Score so no worries that you will have to start all over again.

Another supported feature and – apparently a requirement – is the fact that the Kinect (included with the purchase of the console) must always be on and running. Cloud also plays a big role for not only your save games or your Xbox Marketplace purchases but also with the constantly evolving changes that Microsoft will be making throughout the life of your console. We are also told that games will have to be installed much like the PS3 games to minimize lenghty load times.

The controller itself looks like a beefier version of the Xbox 360 controller. In fact, I’d go as far as saying that it looks like the bastard child between the 360 controller and the original Xbox controller. Although we did not get a hands-on with the controller, we could clearly see a picture-in-picture button to instantly jump from your game to a movie if you wish.

As far as games are concerned, it is confirmed that the Xbox One will include 15 titles to released withing the upcoming year. There’s more, which Microsoft will be keeping under wraps until E3. Here’s just a small taste of what to expect, though:

Call of Duty: Ghosts
Watch Dogs
Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag
Halo 5
Quantum Break
Battlefield 4
Forza Motorsport 5
Madden NFL 25
Rainbow Six: Patriots

The Xbox One is slated to be released this year, our best guess is this November although it might be earlier depending on when the PlayStation 4 will offer an official release date.

We will bring more news when we get it but this is already shaping out to be a very interesting year for gamers who will, no doubt about it, be weighing the pros and cons of both the Xbox One and the PS4 to see which one they will be on launch.

As always, we like to lend a helping out so here’s a list of what the Xbox One can and cannot do.


1. Seemlessly jump from game to movie or television show right where you left off.

2. Let you finally see who you are playing against via Skype. Which unfortunately will lead to embarrasing ChatRoulette-like moments of guys showing you their – ahem – “hardware.”

3. Finally play that Kinect Star Wars Dance game you have been dying to play. Can’t wait to be dancing that new “Wookie Style” dance.

4. Cut down on load times. Are we that impatient?

5. Play some awesome exclusives that will include more Halo, Gears of War and Fable.

6. Push the new graphics card to its limit so show us the new lighting effects.


1. Play your Xbox 360 games … or maybe it will in some distant future.

2. Win awards for innovative exterior design. I mean, it looks like a shiny black brick.

3. Tell you when it commits suicide … since there’s no red ring of death on the console.

4. Serve you ice cold beer.